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A Visit to the Town Council Offices

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The Town Mayor of Houghton Regis, Councillor Chris Slough, has passed his Scouting 'World Challenge Badge'!

The 1st/3rd Houghton Regis Scout Group visited the Council Offices on 4th May to learn about Civic Life and to the local community, and the leaders presented the Mayor with his very own honorary badge.

The Beavers & Cubs had all undertaken challenges towards the World Challenge Badge, and to pass this, the Beavers & Cubs:

  1. Chose an aspect of local community life and found out as much as they could about it. They could learn about:
    •  local government.
    •  local history.
    •  different faiths and beliefs.
    •  types of farming found locally.

  2. Worked with people or an organisation from a community and took the chance to find an issue that the Troop could help with. This was something that helped people and also helped them to grow as a person. They planned and carried out the project with the Troop and others in the community and shared what they learned from the activity with other people. They talked about how it helped other people and what they would do with the skills and experiences they had gained.

  3. Plan, take active part in and evaluate a local community service. The service should take at least six hours (not including planning and evaluating).

  4. Take part in an activity which reflects upon and explores their own beliefs, attitudes and values (this may or may not include religious beliefs).

  5. Take part in an activity that explores different beliefs and attitudes. They could look at fashion, music, sport or disability.

  6. Give several examples of how they have kept your Scout Promise and Scout Laws.

  7. Take an active part in an environmental project.

  8. Investigate and try to make contact with Scouts in another country.

  9. Take part in an activity that explores an international issue

In order to pass this badge.

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